"As good as Margot? No one’s as good as Margot…" To All The Boys I loved Before: A Book Review

So let’s kick this off with I am a big sissy baby who can cry about any given thing. I also am the younger sister of a sister. I’ve never had the types of little sister big sister moments like the ones in this book (my sister is Lara Jean and I am Kitty, except my doesn’t bake I do that) so reading about them was enough to make cry for the things I missed out on. (I love my sister I just wish she’d been more big sisterly) I say this to say I will be a little biased in this review. Armed with this knowledge let’s move on to the review.

To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before is a fabulous and heartwarming book by the lovely Jenny Han. She is also the author of The Summer I Turned Pretty. I hear that book is amazing and after reading this one I’m inclined to believe the rumors.

Lara Jean Covey is a 17 (round about) Koran American girl whose mother died when she was younger. Since then responsible, super smart, always calm Margot has kept the family running. She is the best older sister imaginable; or at least Lara Jean feels so. (and I agree she’s pretty great)

When letter’s Lara Jean has written to her past crushes are mysteriously sent in the mail; it isn’t long before the recipients approach her about them. This includes Josh her sister’s (freshly) ex-boyfriend and Peter, a boy she liked in seventh (or eighth). When Josh questions her about the letter Lara Jean tells him she’s dating Peter then launches herself at the latter and kisses him (as he happens to be walking down the hallway at the same time). Peter suggest they pretend to date so Lara Jean can continue to save face and he can make his ex jealous in the process (and hopefully get back together).

The story of relationships and sisterly bonds is a truly touching one. I fully believe that anyone can relate to Lara Jean on any level; be it because of her problems with Josh, her confusion over Peter, or her dealing with her older sister’s shadow. Lara Jean’s struggle of trying to feel her (almost) impossibly perfect big sister’s shoes I found was beautifully handled and really touched me on a personal level. Also watching as Lara Jean and Kitty (her younger sister) grow is a very amusing process.

The climax of the book was wonderfully written and realistic. Jenny Han sums it up when she writes that there is a certain type of fight that can only be had by sisters. Lara Jean’s confrontation with Margot made me feel like I was the one fighting with Margot.

My favorite line: “There are very limited options for Asian girls on Halloween.”

Least favorite line “…I did it because clearly you have no idea what you’re doing, and if you’re not careful, you’re going to end up some sad teenage statistic.”

To wrap this up I give this book 5 💌💌💌💌💌 out of 5.

I hope you can (or did) enjoy this book as much as I did and …

Happy Reading! ✨✨

So if you look at a book list…

Arsty Fartsy –Contemporary *Contemporary was the name but I changed it for fun purposes*

Day to Day –Basically as you read you pretty much know what day of the week it is

Blood is thicker –As in blood is thicker than water, this means family is a theme in the story

Fake it till you make it –When a major character pretends to be something they’re not. Ex. Saying/mistaken for a college student but the character is in high school

Self-discovery –exactly what it sounds like

True Hearts Day –A cutsey way for saying romantic drama

Identity Theft –Not to be confused with fake it till you make it, this is when a character pretends to be a whole another person

Science Fiction/Fantasy

  • Timey wimey, Wiboley woboley-Time Travel
  • 100000 light years out- There’s other planets involved
  • The ancients tell us – There’s some sort of prophecy or curse type thing driving the plot forward
  • Muggles and Half-bloods – Modern Day Magic
  • Eragon – Dragons

The Beach Balls Read

Hey Ho! Circlemates, Summer is here and it is steamy. But don’t let the heat beat you! There’s plenty of good reads to keep you cool and refreshed; here’s what’s on my list:

*A quick note about this post: For reading lists each title gets 3 points which I feel sets the book apart.*

Love and Other Foreign Words –Erin McCahan

. Contemporary

. Day to Day

. Blood is thicker

To All The Boys I Loved Before –Jenny Han

. Fake it till you make it

. Blood is thicker

. Self-discovery

Rebel Belle –Rachel Hawkins

. comedy central

. Adventure

. True Hearts Day

Broken Hearts, Fences and other things to Mend –Katie Finn    

. Friendship is magic

. Remorse

. Identity Theft/ Fake it till you make it

The Prophecy of Arcadia –M.H. Soars

.Identity Theft

.100000 light years out

. The ancients tell us

I Know some of my terms can a little strand so I’ll make a glossary

Things You Should Know about My Hiatus: June 12 Annoucements

1. May 23 There was a graduation party and it was a party so I had to go

2.May 24 I left town to go to a graduation came back and went to another grad party the same day

3.May 26 I had to get shoes to wear to gradution and nails and other girly grooming things

4.May 27 I had to go to another gradutation but after a shoe exchange and all of my family showed up to my house

5.May 28 I graduated and received many cool gifts (one of which I’m using now)

6.May 29 I left town for Florida for a week

7.June 3 I returned home for much needed sleep

and so I have graduted from Highschool (finally) and I spent last week job hunting and now I am returning home to you guys. So please dont think the blog is dead I’m working very hard on posts.

Here’s what’s coming up:

  • Some stuff about the Fierce Reads tour and who I got to meet
  • A dump post about The One (because I never got to talk about it)
  • My June Book Haul (so far)
  • The Summer Book list
  • And More!

The Future

I have a lot of dreams for the future of this blog and some new things I’ll be adding -such as audio chapters which I think I may have mentioned- and fan fiction because its literature too.

If anyone would interested in helping with audio readings (or you have some suggestions) don’t be shy to speak up.

Some Other things…

I would like to say sorry for all the typos, I was recently looking over some older posts and realized how many typos I made! Which is sad because I really try to proofread; so here is my promise to be more diligent from now onward.

 Also if you guys know where I could find some great book fan art PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know?



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